I miss you


As I sat reading Jostein Garndners Sophies world, I thought it to be another ordinary Sunday with my regular routine for the weekend. Reading through the pages and the initial questions which philosophy tries to resolve on our existence and our purpose, I had a skeptical view deep in thought and wondered that none could answer or give concrete proof that God could miss us.

I was going through a tough phase in life and had been praying fervently to the many Hindu gods to show me a path, a light to guide me. After praying to the so many gods, I finally found my messiah and salvation in Maha dev Shiv. However, recent challenges made me wonder if God does answer our prayers and would it make a difference if we stopped praying or talking to him. Thinking that my prayers and one way conversations were futile, I stopped and carried on with the world with my normal chores and routine, till that one Sunday where the question popped into my head ‘Does God miss me’.

Not thinking more about it, I heard my mother call out that we need to go get the monthly groceries and that I had better get ready, as I usually drove her and carried back our supplies for the month (my monthly chore). We had many dialogues as to where we should go and we finally settled on one of the many hyper markets in the mall, so that I could also pick up few of the branded lip glosses in the other stores in the mall that I have been dying to get my hands on. Wanting to get a good convenient parking so that we, or at least I can haul our heavy bags into the car we arrived early only to be told that the parking closest to the food bazaar/hyper market was full. We were hence directed to a completely new section of the mall which was initially never used and told that this would be close as well. Much to my disdain the Food bazaar/hyper market was one level up which would make carrying the heavy groceries difficult (and helpers to carry groceries in malls are hard to get at times); but I was not going to miss out on getting my lip gloss, so I decided that I would manage carrying out the loads and we went about our shopping. At the end of our shopping we had two full sized heavy bags and a 25kg bag of rice all in 2 trolleys with no helper in sight to carry them; we headed down to the parking level. At the final door to the parking finally a guard and a mall attendee came to our rescue.

Once the mall attendee took on the full responsibility of the 2 trolleys the guard left and rolled down to car to load our precious monthly cargo. Loading the groceries into the car, I fumbled into my purse looking for change to give to the man who helped us, while he finishing his task, started talking to mum which I did not pay attention to. Finally I fished out the only change I had amounting to Rs 30/- and handed to him. It was at that point of time I heard the word ‘Sevak’-a server in the temple and stopped to hear the conversation going on. The man thanked us for the small contribution and said that he was a ‘Sevak’ for an old Shiv Mandir a short way from the mall which I knew and left. Getting into the car, I asked my mother what more the man said, as I had not paid attention to the entire conversation. She said that he worked in the mall on part time basis and was a Sevak in the Shiv mandir and was going to donate the money we gave him to the Shiv mandir the next morning. It was at that point of time, that of all the coincidences and probabilities that one might confer on, I realized this was more that that and that God was in his way saying to me “I miss you”. Driving away with a smile on that Sunday evening, the day I had my question answered, I understood the lesson that if we paid attention, we would find God telling us that he is there, watching over us. The trick was you have to pay attention to the small things in between the nooks and crannies of our routines, or we might just miss hearing God telling us that he misses us.


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