Kajal – Lakme, Lotus & Oriflame Review

As young as I could remember, kajal was a part of my life. Introduced very young to it by my grandmother for its medicinal soothing functionality.

The very first kajal that I can remember of came in a small round neon green pot made by Western India Chemical co, its aim not only to highlight your eyes but also soothe any irritation.

This was the first kajal that I remember made from all natural ingredients. ( You can actually smell the camphor in the kajal)

Since those memories of childhood, there have been so many brands who make kajal.  Lakme, Maybelline, Louts, Himalaya …. lot of options. But the one’s that I have been playing around are from Lakme, Lotus & Oriflame.

As I use kajal very limited in my every day look, I try and find kajals which hopefully work for me. (Kajals inadvertently do smudge and give raccoon eyes depending on their lasting power.)

Lakme Iconic kajal (black & green)
This kajal is soft and doesn’t tug your eyelids or waterline when applying. It comes in a twist pencil saving you the effort of sharpening and loss of product due to it. It gives a matte finish to the eyes but does not last for 10 hrs as claimed; the kajal faded on the waterline within 3 hrs while it stayed as a eyeliner very nicely. (Didn’t need to touch it up as my eyeliner)

The green kajal is a more subdued green which works great for everyday wear and can also be carried as a office look without standing out too much. I found this to be a versatile colour and hope to check out the other colours in this range soon.

Nevertheless, I love this kajal for its soft kohl and ease of use, though it could use sharpening as continuous use wears it down and I wish Lakme could have included somekind of twist pencil sharpener for the same. In the meantime a neat trick to ensure sharpness is to keep rotating the kajal as you use it.
So overall verdict ladies; it is worth indulging in this product as it is simply easy to handle and apply on the go.<3

Price point

Black kajal: Rs 199

Green kajal: Rs 250

Score: 4/5

Would I buy this again?: Yes, for ease of use.

Lakme Kajal
This is one of the oldest kajal by Lakme which comes as a jumbo pencil with a new black body encasing vs the old grey encasement

The kajal definitely has a glossy finish to it against the iconic matte finish and again is smooth and doesn’t tug the eyes. So if you are looking for a more glossy finish kajal, then would suggest to pick this up.

Lasting power again depends on user to user. Mine last for 2 hours on the waterline if I set it with a bit of powder.

Price point: Rs 55

Score: 3/5

Would I buy this again?: No. Bought this one as a nostalgic reminder of college days

Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal
The kajal comes in a red packaging with the kajal in a cone shape. It’s very soft and glides on smoothly onto the eyes. This has a little glossy finish to it and gives a cooling effect which you can feel as soon as you apply it.

The only challenge I feel this kajal has is the task of maintaining its sharpness. Again a rotating use of the kajal can make the sharpness last longer but eventually you will come to a point where you wish you had some sort of sharpening option.

Overall, the lasting power for this Kajal on the waterline is 2 hours and will need touch up as the day or night out goes along.

Price point: Rs 110

Score: 3.5/5

Would I buy this again?: Yes, for the cooling effect it gives to the eyes.

Oriflame Smooth Definer
Although Oriflame doesn’t define this as a kajal, I’m defining it as one, as this is how it was advertised and sold to me by an Oriflame representative. The definer comes in a twist up pencil and again has no sharpening means available with it.

I  don’t find this as smooth to apply in comparison to the other kajals as it does tug a little but is workable. It gives a matte finish and is darker than other matte kajals. What most impresses me is the lasting power of the refiner On the waterline. It lasts around 4 hours for me without requiring touch up or requiring any powder to set it.

For the lasting power I would give it a thumbs up although availability of this product is limited via only an Oriflame representative and not in the market is a let down. (You can’t buy it along with your other shopping items as compared to others). However, do try it if you can track down an Oriflame representative near you or online.

Price point: Rs 259

Score: 4/5

Would I buy it again: Yes, for the lasting power on the waterline.

Photo & Swatches:

  1. Lakme Iconic Kajal – Black
  2. Lakme Iconic Kajal – Green
  3. Lakme Kajal
  4. Lotus Herbal Natural Kajal
  5. Oriflame Smooth Definer


Thanks all for reading. If you have any comments please leave them below.


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