3 Step quick and easy eyes tutorial

Going out for dinner with my husband and 3 month old daughter, I needed a simple quick easy done up eyes which could go from a day look to an informal night dining.

So I came up with the quick and simple 3 step eyeliner/kajal look for defining eyes. It’s easy and takes only 3-5 minutes. Begin with prepping your eyes with a primer or foundation and a concealer for your under eyes. I prefer using a little bit of foundation and powder to prep my eyelids; it just works for me.

Step 1: Use a black eyeliner/kajal and wing it out on your lash line.

Step 2: Apply a white kajal on your waterline line to brighten up your eyes.

Step 3: For extra definition, apply a blue eyeliner/kajal on your lower lash line winging it out till the upper black eyeliner however not touching it.

Finish off with a few strokes of mascara and voila you have your 3 Step quick easy eyes. And this is what it looks like.



Products that I have used for this look:

Thanks for reading.


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