Rimmel 9 in 1 skin perfecting super makeup – BB cream

When BB cream arrived into the Indian markets, I was super excited as I heard a lot about them from people abroad. Soon enough the BB cream market took off in India and almost all companies started offering them giving you options to select and try out different brand formulations.

The Rimmel 9 in 1 Skin perfecting Super makeup BB cream caught my fancy sometime back and I hurriedly ordered it online before the stock ran out in the shade medium.

The packaging is your standard pack which does  not have anything interesting to it- simple and functional. The quantity ofcourse is a good standard 30ml or 1oz which  is perfect.

When I first swatched the BB cream on my hand I instantly noticed that it was light and easily blend able. You didn’t have to work on it to get it blended on to your face. Once you have it on you immediately notice that it is light like second skin and dosent wear heavy on your face making it perfect for day to day wear.

The formulation of the is cream Is really good, the texture is smooth and creamy; however it has an odd smell which I can’t put my finger down to anything. It isn’t unpleasant and after a minute or so it completely vanishes. Having an SPF 25 is another plus for people like me who can’t wear sunscreens/sunblocks on its own. Besides saves the trouble of having too many products on your face.

The coverage would be a medium to sheer cover (it’s a BB cream not a foundation, those who want full coverage will only get that from a foundation) and it lasts well even in humid conditions. (5 hours when I tested it).Your face dosent feel as if it’s going to melt.

Overall, it’s a good option to try however the availability and shade selection is something which is to consider. The medium shade that I selected was a bit on the ashy side and I usually mix a lighter colour foundation with this to match out my skin tone. ( couldn’t find the light shade of this BB cream)

So if this is available in abundance in your region, I would say to go ahead and try it for everyday wear. It won’t disappoint you.

Price point: Rs 460 (ordered from nykaa)

Score: 3.5/5


  • Light weight and easily blend able
  • Good quantity given
  • Gives good sheer to medium coverage
  • Perfect for every day wear
  • Includes SPF 25 cover


  • Not easily available
  • Shades are not an exact match


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