Rescuing Wrong shade of Foundation

Rescuing Wrong Shade of Foundation

So you end up with the wrong shade of foundation whether you bought it or you are no longer tanned/pale when you did buy it. But what do you do with it now. Thrashing it would be a complete waste and loss; giving away is not always possible.

In such a case What do you do with a perfectly good quantity of foundation in the wrong shade?

Simple answer invest and buy the opposite shade to counteract the dark/light shade. Hence if you have a dark shade like I do, you simply buy a light shade mix the 2 and come to the perfect shade to your skint one. And vice versa for light shade.

When you buy try and get 2/3 shades dark/light depending on what would be perfect colour balance for your skin tone. Mix the 2 shades of foundation and voila you would have the perfect shade. You needn’t buy the same brand if required as long as they are the same consistency it should be ok (one shouldn’t be thick or thin or it is a nightmare to blend it in)

Another trick that works for dark foundation is that you can dilute it with a thin moisturiser provided it is just a shade darker than your current skin tone.

So go ahead and try it out and rescue out your wrong shade of foundation.


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