Miss Claire Single Eyeshadows

My quest for a navy blue eyeshadow brought me to the introduction of Miss Claire eyeshadows. The small shop at the corner on clover shopping complex in Pune is where I came across Miss Claire eyeshadow.

Since then I have collected a few of the single eyeshadows from this brand. Considering I have been using these eyeshadows on and off I can say that you can love and hate them.

Which one do you like?

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Love them, for the darker shades in this brand or more so for the shimmer texture shades as these have a good lasting power on your eyelids. Pigmentation also is good for some of them, however my recent experience with 2 new shades has been anything but disappointing. You can check on these here.

Colours to explore.

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I can vouch for the shades which will stay put on your eyes for a good 5-6 hours. However, the lighter shades tend to fade away and are just not worth the buy. Only way if you want to salvage them is to Apply them wet.

Colours so pretty

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The only thing that can be said that for a budget buy they are great, however you will have to be adventurous and hit upon the shades that do last rather than fading away with 1/2 an hour of application. In the end you can end up with either a hit or miss shades if you do try them out.

Possibility to play with.

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Shades from L to R starting from top line horizontally(swatches)

  1. Shade number 434 -navy blue
  2. Shade number 752 – khaki green
  3. shade number 338 – plum
  4. Shade number 433-sky/light blue
  5. Shade number 152 – shimmery beige
  6. Shade  number 151-bright pink

Price point: Rs 95 for each shade


  • Only few shades have a good lasting power.
  • For a budget buy the price is great for being only Rs 95.


  • Poor lasting power of few shades.
  • You might need to apply them wet which may not be preferred by everyone’s.
  • Not available in all shops.
  • Eyeshadows are powdery and there is fallout while applying




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