Miss Claire single eyeshadow in 351-139

I so loved these colours when I saw them at he Much More shop. The pink (139)and purple(351) with the gold shimmer just attracted me to them. And very soon I had the Miss Claire eyeshadow in the number  351 & 139 in my possession.


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My enthusiasm however very soon turned into the biggest disappointment with these eyeshadows. Believe me when I say that they are very deceptive, when you swach them. Both the colours swatch beautifully on your hand but when you apply them it’s a whole different story.

Summer shades

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I so wanted these colours to work, but no they were in no way willing to cooperate with me. Ok I know I’m going in and on but I have never been so frustrated with eyeshadows before this and with colours that were so beautiful.

I tried these eyeshadows on their own and they faded within 1/2 an hour. Ok I said maybe a makeup base is what you need, but no again they just didn’t stay put. I tried applying on a lighter eyeshadow for them to hold on and no again they didn’t cooperate.

I have other Miss Claire eyeshadows but so far these 2 has been the most disappointing of them all. I finally gave up frustrated and irritated that you buy products because you want to wear them and not trash them. And just when all hope was gone I tried a wet application and hallelujah it worked.

Pink it not.

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Deceptive purple

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I was shocked to find that on wet application it could last for 5 hours atleast(what I tested, could be longer). And yet nowhere does it state that these eyeshadows are to be applied wet. So my wild guess in the paid off but by the end of all the efforts I just was not loving these eyeshadows anymore. Not to mention forget about trying to blend them.

So if you see thes 2 shades, I have just one word for you RUN just run as far as you can. Don’t even think of being brave by buying these 2 shades as you will be seriously disappointed

Price point: Rs 95

Score: 0.5/5 (.5 only for applying these eyeshadows wet)


  • None
  • Wet application of eyeshadow last for upto 5 hours without fading


  • Poor pigmentation
  • Does not stay on your eyelids if applied dry
  • You need to apply them wet which some may just not prefer.
  • Availability, they are available in few selected shops.


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