Revlon Colorburst lip butters

Just the name lip butters had me sold on the Revlon line of lipsticks or lip butters as I should say. Creamy soft butters just perfect for summer to winter. Ok so they have been in the market since last year; but I still can’t help and rave about it.

Revlon lipbutter2

The best part about these are they are feathery light on your lips with a great colour pay off. Revlon lip butters are a gel formula with mango, Shea and coconut butter helping your lips to stay  hydrated.


As it is a gel formula, the lip butters also give a shine to the lips eliminating the need for a lip gloss. It is available in 20 shades from nudes,pinks,reds,brown giving options to every skin tone.
I love these for the simple wonderful shades, glossiness and softness that they give to my lips. They lasted a good 5-6 hours on my lips ofcourse even after eating or sipping on a cup. They do tend to transfer and would require a touch up if you want the glossiness but in my experience they settle into a matte finish if you don’t or are not able to.(and yet your lips don’t feel too dry)

Revlon lipbutter3

I also had experienced one of these shades settling into lines on my lips once they had dried on my lips (after eating) which was not great. So if you do eat and drink which is but obvious if you are going out, keep a check on this and just touch up your lipstick.


However, in the end I love love these lip butters and am still planning to get more shades. For me they are perfect for my dry lips and the glossiness to them is just an added bonus where I don’t need to apply additional lip gloss.

Shades swatched:

  • Red Velvet: Brown red shade
  • Cherry Tart: A lovely Bluish pink shade
  • Rasberry Pie: A bright purple based pink
  • Candy Apple: Orange bright red shade


Revlon lipbutter4


Revlon lipbutter5

So go ahead and try these, you will love them.

Price point: Rs 600

Score: 4.95/5.0


    • Super soft and creamy.
    • Give a glossy look along with colour.
    • Lips stay hydrated and you don’t need to apply a lip balm.
    • Good colour pay off.
    • Perfect for dry summers to cold winters.


  • Can settle into lines
  • Transfers while eating or drinking




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