St Ives Swiss Vanilla

The inviting smell of vanilla draws you in as you hold the lotion in your palms. The sweet smell just gives you a refreshing feel even before you apply it.

St Ives body lotions are one of the best lotions out in the market. They have many different variety ranging from oatmeal and Shea butter, collagen …

Each variety catering to different needs of the individuals. The one I got is  Swiss vanilla which when you apply it gives the wonderful long lasting vanilla fragrance on you, ok it reminds you of vanilla ice cream which you crave for smelling this lotion. My husband actually noticed it as well, which was a plus for this lotion.

Th Swiss Vanilla is an Advanced Body Moisturizer which claims to naturally calm dry skin. The Swiss  vanilla states to have Swiss Glacial water, Swiss botanicals and pure vanilla extracts for you skin requirements.

St Ives 2

Packaging is your standard pump bottle which I really find convenient.  As you pump out the lotion you notice the Consistency is  little runny in comparison to other body lotion. The formulation is great as it easily absorbs into your skin within seconds and you don’t get any stick feeling unlike some which make you a dust magnet.

As you use it over the months, Your skin begins to feel smoother with long lasting hydration. I didn’t find the need to reapply as the hydration lasts all day for me.

Availability of St Ives however is an issue in India. This is not easily available at every beauty store and you need to track down a customized store who would carry this. I have not found this available online either. So many give this body lotion a miss.

St Ives swatch

Another factor factor for this is the price which has increased expotinealy to 600-700 Rs which again not all are willing to shell out. But this is a product worth trying as the hydration power and sweet fragrance of vanilla keep you invigorated as you go about the day.

Price point: Rs 390 for 532 ml bottle ( increased since I bought it to 600-700 Rs)

Score: 4/5 (1 less for price and availability)


  • Sweet long lasting Vanilla fragrance
  • Keeps the skin well hydrated and no reapplication required.
  • Skin is smoother and softer with each application.
  • Easily absorbs into the skin
  • Does not leave any stickiness


  • Not easily available.
  • Price is not budget friendly for everyone


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