L’oreal Paris Hydrafreash Essence

In my quest to quench my dry skin (post delivery issue), I rounded about almost every online store till I came acros L’oreal Paris Hydrafresh. Catching my interest that this was a serum and not a cream, I became intrigued as serum are more concentrated than a cream.

My curiosity and desperate need for a good facial moisturizer lead me to order this online. With weighted breathes , I waited to try out this serum made from spa water.

As per L’oreal Paris this is a deep boosting essence with triple hyaluronic technology and Spa water. In lay terms they say that this will hydrate several layer of your skins and keep the moisturization locked in.



Packaging is a twist pump plastic bottle with a green  metallic pump on top. As you pump the bottle the inner cyclinder in the transperant bottle goes up which is great as you can exactly see how much is left before buying a new one.

The gel like cream is transperanent with green granules giving the overall essence a light green hue. The essence has floral fragrance which dosent linger for too long. The formulation is gel like, which absorbs into your skin quickly.

After you apply it you don’t feel that you have anything on your face and your skin feels natural which is the best part. I hate creams which weigh on your skin.

You also don’t find any oiliness either on your T zone or on rest of your face. Also it dosent break you out like some other creams which inadvertently block your pores.


My experience with this cream so far has been that even though it has helped me by hydrating my skin, I still find the softness that I was looking for missing. Also in winter the serum would not be enough and you would need to use another moisturizer.

However, I do like this for its lightness or invisible feel making skin feel like skin and currently have this in my regime. I think I might need to use more than what I have been currently applying which may work out the softness that I’m looking for. Only the future will tell.


Overall, I love this for the natural feel on my skin and use this as a moisturizer before applying makeup. It has made my skin smoother but it still has missed a few areas.


Price point: Rs 599

Score: 4/5


  • Quickly absorbs into skin.
  • Dosent leave your skin oily.
  • Does not cause any breakouts.
  • Makes your face smoother.


  • Hasn’t given me the softness that I was looking for.


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