Fragrance sensitivity

So you look at this beautiful bottle of perfume,EDT, spray, deodrant take a whiff of it and think this is your signature fragrance.


Well I actually bought a deodorant when my current one ran out; I smelled, it loved, bought it. But lo and behold what hit me afterwards was a complete surprise.

Wearing this the next day, I realized that the deo was pretty strong and in the next half an hour I had the worst headache one could possibly get.

By afternoon, I was nauseous as well making me think I had the flu. It was only after getting really unwell did I realize that I might be fragrant sensitive to the deo.


Yes there is something as fragrance sensitivity where a person is just sick to death because of strong fragrances. And it dosent matter what the cost of the fragrance is. Many think that paying a higher value for your fragrance you are paying for a good product which will not cause any sensitivity.

Wrong, your brain dosent care nor does your nose matter of fact, one whiff of a strong fragrance no matter what the cost and you would be ill if you are sensitive.


As per statistics there are a million or more who suffer from this in the world making me feel thank God I’m not the only one.

The onset of illnesses brought about these fragrances is actually the solvents in deos, sprays, perfumes which gets absorbed into the bloodstreams and reaches the brain causing headaches and what not.

These can be pretty hazardous as the worst case for such sensitivity is fainting with urgent medical assistance required.


Some of the reactions to strong fragrances are as follows:
Nasal congestion
Loss of consciousness

It is amazing that commercializations requires these fragrances to have solvents to make their effect stronger and long lasting, I guess the demand for such a product has led to it.

However, it makes me question the ill educated individuals who spray deodorants on themselves as if taking a shower. Yes, you know who you are.


You are supposed to have a subtle fragrance on you which a whiff gives another person a pleasant experience being around you. You are by no means supposed to marinate in it.

Well, coming back to the point, a humble request to all companies of fragrances whether perfumes, deodorants, EDT, sprays… Could you start creating fragrances suited for fragrant sensitive people which are mild.

I don’t think we would care for them to be long lasting as long as it doesn’t make us ill; I mean if I keep reapplying I will buy more and more you sell.


So fragrant companies of perfumes, deodrants, EDT, sprays… Here is an opportunity to tap into unexplored market and expand and if this idea hits off, I think you will make a lot of people happy.

So people please be aware about your fragrances and companies please create some mild fragrances for us who are sensitive.


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