DIY Mascara

Ok so you don’t have a mascara on hand, just didn’t have time to buy one and you just need something to highlight your lashes. What do you do?

Simple you make your own mascara to save the day. I mean why wait for a knight when you can be the damsel rescuing herself.
This is what I discovered while I was doing my budget makeup look. I just couldn’t fit in a mascara and came up with this neat little trick.
All you need are 3things:



    • Almond oil (I have used Rogan Badam Shirin oil- which is a100% organic almond oil available in India)

(or any organic oil which are good for your lashes such as coconut, …)

  • Brown/Black kajal,eyeliner,eyeshadow


(I have used Lakme Eyeconic kajal in Brown shade as I was doing my budget look at the time; click here to see that post.)

  • Pan brush or any flat eye shading brush (used a budget brush from Babila;you can reach your inner corner lashes easily with a pan brush)


Take 1 or 2 drops of almond oil and dab your pan brush in it.


You then stroke the kajal with the wet oiled brush.


Once you have enough product built up in it, you run the brush against your lashes in easy swipes.


Repeat as often as you like until you have coated all the lashes but remember it won’t completely give you a finish a mascara does , but it does give a little length.

(Without DIY mascara)


(With DIY mascara, I smudged a little of my eyeliner, with the brush hence they have smudged a little, so apologises for that)


(With DIY mascara)

So Just be careful that the oil does not touch your eyeliner, as it will smear it. I did that with my gel eyeliner, and it smeared a little (as you can see in the photos, apologises) but if you are careful you can get the perfect coated lashes.
So ladies, this is my take on a DIY mascara, try it. I guess something is better than nothing and it is worth a try, plus with the use of natural organic almond oil, you get added benefit of your lashes growing thick and long.

(Wearing DIY mascara in this look, another simple budget friendly look)

What do you do wear as a mascara alternative?


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