Real Technique Brushes

imageHere is something worth being excited about.I have been dying on my hands to get the Real Technique Brushes and guess which website is launching them.Net surfing, I found Nykaa is launching the Real Technique brushes online and are taking in subscription for the same. When I saw that I was like OMG this is a dream come true and I could be in makeup comatose(only hardcore makeup loversc an understand this).

This however, is being launched on 13.11.14, so check out the Nykaa website, ladies if you have been dying to get these brushes.

Let’s hope I can budget to buy this as I’m an a strict budgetary diet not to mention an upcoming wedding is going to be splurge on clothes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


What are your favourite makeup brushes?



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2 thoughts on “Real Technique Brushes

  1. it us over a year I am using tgese brushes. they are really easy to work with. but they cant last a long time. after several washes the glue comes off and it means you have no more brushes 😦


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