Eyeshadow Trouble

Eyeshadow Trouble

Eyeshadow won’t stay On; just a bad quality. You bought it and now are stuck with it.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Eye primer did it work, don’t think so!

Well my recent experiment with few bad quality eyeshadow (click here to read which eyeshadows I’m talking about) lead me to discover that if you apply them wet, they tend to last on your eyelids.

Of course you will need to test out how long does your eyeshadow stay on, as wet eyeshadows behave differently depending on their formulation.

But this is a neat little trick, to try even with your good eyeshadows as wet gives a more deep intense look.

So make it work, make it wet and it will set (ok that sounded lame lol)



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