R.I.P Gel Eyeliner

  Ok, it had to happen one day and it did, the reign of gel eyeliner came to a sudden end.

Or maybe, more like my attempt to resurrect the spirit of my gel eyeliner kind of ended up in R.I.P (Rest in Paste- Lol).



 Maybelline gel eyeliner1

Well, I didn’t mean for it to be a nasty paste but my curiosity of how deep my Maybelline gel eyeliner pot was got the best of me. Not to mention the top layer had got pretty nasty dry and a pain to use.( I had given this a rest for a month or so)

 Maybelline gel eyeliner3

So before I could rethink, I sterilized the end of my eyeshadow brush with some anti bacterial and sticked it into the gel pot. And lo and behold it just went through to hit the bottom Instantly shocking me that my gel pot was atleast an inch deep from where the product started.

 maybelline gel eyeliner2

I really didn’t expect it to be that deep nor that there was still a lot of product left. I have been using this religiously for a year now and there is still enough product to go on for another 2 year’s (don’t worry its not anywhere near expiring).

And as my curiosity continued, soon enough I had whisked my gel eyeliner into a paste completely failing to set it back again.

Sigh, and there we have it ladies and gentlemen, my Maybelline gel eyeliner in R.I.P form (resting in paste). Considering curiosity did get the cat, atleast I can share the pics as to how deep is the pot.

Warning it is a bit of a mess, and I did manage to chip the pots edge as well for more effect (I seem to have butter fingers), so don’t go saying gross; a little empathy would be nice though 😛


Maybelline gel eyeliner4

Also, this does have a silver lining; my experiment has yielded the gel eyeliner to be creamy again, and can be easily cat flicked on my eyes again

I had forgotten that this was one of the reason why I got it and not to mention its a good pigmentated matte black which easily last all day without losing intensity.
 Maybelline gel eyeliner7

My RIP gel eyeliner your days of glory are back and no longer will you be pushed behind the others. You will once again dawn On my eyes in your creamy smooth texture announcing to the others you are back to take back what was rightfully yours.

In case anybody is curious here are the cost and scores for this.

Score point: 4.5/5
Price point: Rs 475 ( quoted for the relaunched eyeliner in new packaging)
  • Creamy smooth gel eyeliner
  • Easy to apply, does not tug on your eyelid
  • Long lasting, stays on all day
  • Waterproof, won’t wash off in the rain
  • Good matte black gel which does not loose intensity
  • Can dry out if you don’t use it daily
  • Reviving dried gel eyeliner is a task



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