Loreal Paris Lumere Cannes Collection box

Finally, makeup brands realize the need for makeup kits/collection boxes in India.


Presenting the Loreal Paris Lumere Cannes Collection box – Reign in Red. Loreal has cleverly packaged 3 Of its top products in a convenient box with something to appeal every women.


I got the Cannes box Reign in Red as it has an eyeliner, eyeshadow and the moist matte lipstick shade red that I wanted. Got a great discount and got this lovely for Rs 957 while it retails for discount of Rs 1299 on the orignal MRP

The overall packaging is a glossy box which gives the little oomph factor making have this box and products special. The products you get in this box are

  • Loreal Paris Gelmatic pen in Brown
  • Loreal Paris Infalliable Mono Eyeshadow in Pebble Grey
  • Loreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick in Lincoln Rose

Inside you find the products neatly tucked along with a Guide card advising on how the products can be used to create the Cannes look.



Helpful for those who are newbies and clueless on how to use the products. It’s a nice addition to the box making it a little more personal

My verdict this is a great buy and you have something suited to each ones need in the 3 Cannes boxes. You only have to discover which is your Cannes look and box.


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