Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I finally got a Real Technique Brush. Yippee.

These are way pricey in India, but I guess one brush as an indulgence is ok.

The Expert Face Brush by Real techniques is a multipurpose brush which seamlessly can be used for foundation, powder, bronzer and blush. It applies and buffs in your foundation whether liquid or dry like a dream.

The bristles are so soft and just pick up whatever product you are working with. I definitely chose the expert face brush as I just wanted a multitasking brush while travelling.

After applying my foundation, I use this to powder, add my blush and buff a little bronzer on my face for a contoured look. And it’s just great to be able to do it with a single brush.

Expert face brush2

I’m in the attempt to keep my brushes to a minimum so that while you travel or are at work you don’t need to worry about a plethora of them or carry them. So far I think for my basic face routine this has been a good option.

However, for the eyes has been a challenge and I do need atleast 3 brushes if I am using multilayer of different eyeshadows.

Well back to the expert face brush, I can say it is great and so far I think every woman should have this in their bags. It’s multifunctional, multipurpose and what more can you ask for.

The design is so sleek and you can easily hold it and  stand it up on your vanity with the brush side up due to its unique design. This makes it so easy to switch products  and just pick up the brush and get on with the rest without having to look for a place to safely place your brush.

A good buy and would highly recommend this. Check out Amazon, Nykaa and Flipkart to purchase your brush.

Price point: Rs 1095 (

Score:4.95/5 ( just because of pricing)


  • Soft takleion bristles
  • Multipurpose
  • Can be used for buffing as well
  • Seamlessly applies foundation, powder…
  • Easy to handle and can be conveniently placed standing while working with your makeup.


  • Only availability and pricing which is still on higher side.


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