Organising Organising

Oh boy, what a mess my makeup drawers are. I mean you would need scuba gear to dive in find a simple kajal and just for that I don’t think my husband would want me renting it. 😛

Ok enough already and with that thought and boredom, I packed my little one up and went to the nearest mall for some hot java or my favourite cappuccino.
But, I did have an agenda and that was to see if I could spy any interesting items for home.
Window shopping, I came across these absolute cute baskets which were perfect for organising my much needed chaotic makeup.
Priced at Rs 149, I think they are perfect for me and so cute, that in total I got 3 and may get more if they are still around. Now, all my eyeliners/kajals are lying perfectly in them without getting lost.
Next, I also picked up this cute soap dispenser with matching brush holder. I just love the colour stones added to them. It’s so neat and I love that the dispenser is clear so you know when you are running out and can just top it up.
Cotton is so essential to have at home’s, whether it is for personal care or medical care (cuts and bruises), you should keep a roll at home. With that intention I got the tulip cotton roll which will be backup for me when I run out of my cotton balls and don’t have time to pick up more.
And can you ever resist cocoa butter and coconut. I sure can’t I love the smell of these 2 and to find them in the Palmolive Spa Treatment Shower wash was just plain lucky. On whiff of this and I was hooked, it’s just divine and you actually want to eat it 😀 but nevertheless it came home with me.
And soon enough it was dark and night was settling in, when I headed back home with my lucky finds and crooning a baby to sleep.

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