ESBEDA- Handbags to cherish

Alright women love their handbags or purses as we call it in India. It’s their little way of reflecting their personality, their choices and their brands or no brands. It’s a quick style statement from grabbing an easy going tote to a branded handbag, we women love our bags or atleast I’m crazy about them.
And I love all my gorgeous handbags, totes, clutches from un branded to branded ones as they just reflect me. Speaking of branded ones, I do have a few favourites and one of them being a very popular brand from Maharshtra (Mumbai) as I haven’t seen them in Delhi is ESBEDA.
I do love my ESBEDA bags, from their design, finish to quirkiness to elegance they have it all. So it was so natural that when my husband was going to Mumbai for a business trip, I told him to pick up my beloved ESBEDA handbag/purse for me.
Of course, it took a little bit of coercing (men, they don’t know what it means to have different handbags) but I’m actually proud to say he did good and got me this gorgeous white bag with ESBEDA writing and tan accessorising to them.
I love the gold metallic central lock with the tan handles and rims. It’s just so gorgeous, and just the perfect size; it’s a medium size which is perfect for my small frame as big ones just look too big on me almost like a duffel bag.
Nevertheless, if you haven’t tried an ESBEDA bag, I would suggest to try it as the detail work and good quality fabric inlays is just great and would give you the perfect style statement that you are looking for.
As it is a gift, I’m not sure as to how much this baby cost but you can always check online on where they have a lot of different designs and price ranges. Personally, I have never ordered online from them so can’t comment on their online services but knowing it is a brand to reckon with I’m sure it will be good.
Who knows in the future, I just might order one for my birthday but until then, I’m going to enjoy my current baby.

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