Ice cream wind down

Sigh, sometimes motherhood is down right tiring especially with a toddler who is on the exploration mode.
Guiding a baby from what is safe and unsafe just tires you down and when finally the little one sleeps, you can breathe and have a quiet wind down.
On days that are though, I cherish my free time and have a small treat just some comfort food like they say. 
Raiding through my fridge and freezer, I spotted the ice cream and was thankful that my husband had picked it up while returning from work the other day.
Scooping out the last remainders of my favourite chocolate ice cream, I just wanted to add a little more of something in terms of taste and texture. 
In other words I just wanted a little more sweet. Hey, its no crime now is it :-D. Hmmmm, and the answer was so simple.
Just 1 digestive biscuit crumbled On the ice cream with a decent amount of golden honey poured on top of it. That was all that was needed.
And there you have it, a perfect ice cream wind down in minutes. The slight saltiness from the biscuit, the golden sweetness of the honey and chocolate ice cream who can ever resist.
Finishing up my sweetness overload, on Que my little one bawls out for some reassuring cooing to put her back to sleep and me waiting for my husband to return from work.
Goodnight everyone.

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