Loreal Gel Eyeliner

Finally bought it. After using my Maybelline Gel eyeliner for almost 3 years now, I thought it should be retired and place for a new gel eyeliner should be made.
So yay for me, for waiting to buy this gorgeous black gel eyeliner pot from L’oreal Paris. The gold pot cover just gives it that extra special feel and the gorgeous black virgin gel looks so smooth; I feel it’s almost a crime to dip your brush in it.
No doubt this is a much raved about product from L’oreal which does not dry fast unlike a few others. (Boy, was it a task to keep the Maybelline gel eyeliner from drying all these years, but I made it through and I do love the Maybelline gel liner ❤️)
The only sad thing about is the increase in price over the years. It now retails for MRP of Rs 865, but I was lucky to get it at a discount price online. So, if there are no stores giving it at discount, good idea to check online and see if it really helps you save or might as well buy it at a store.
Well, my new found gel eyeliner or much awaited one, you and I have a journey to make ahead, where I know I will love you as you line my eyes and give them the extra attention they deserve.😘

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