Lotus Herbal White Glow Gel Creme

“Hmmmmm, which moisturiser should I choose”

are the thoughts running through my head as I scan the small variety shop in my neighbourhood market.
The options for this small shop are really good, but for me who is trying to keep it in a budget for a good face moisturiser is confusing.
And then my eyes fell on it, neatly tucked in a line it stood there waiting for me to choose him. Picking up I read first Gel Creme and got intrigued till I saw Skin Whitening & Brightening and I stopped.
Ok, I really don’t go fo whitening & brightening creams as in the past I have had reactions to them, but this was a gel creme so it should be different.
Dileberting, for another 10 mins and the S.A. trying to convince me that it is a good cream and I should test it on my arm if I am still concerned, I take the steps and say ‘I do’ to Lotus Herbal White Glow and buy it for Rs 225.

Well, let’s be honest curiosity and more than any whitening/brightening, the idea of gel creme for summer is what made me buy it. All, I expected from this creme is to be a good moisturiser in this Delhi summer heat more than any other of the other claims it related to skin whitening & brightening.
And, I should say I’m pleasantly surprised by the gel creme; its light non greasy formula is just perfect for summer as it melts into your skin leaving no trace of it except for a mild fragrance which dissipates in a few minutes. Plus, it has Spf 25 so you have additional sun protection as well.
Your, skin doesn’t feel suffocated but you are left with soft moisturised skin with a healthy glow. And yes, I did notice lightening of few of my spots which I wasn’t expecting at all to happen and (touchwood) no reactions or break outs from it
I now can’t think of my life without this little treasure and recommend it to my friends and family. And at least this little risk paid off well in my favour, so ‘yay’

2 thoughts on “Lotus Herbal White Glow Gel Creme

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