A cup of Tea with Maybelline

As, I made my Green Tea to soothe my mummy nerves, the bell rang. ‘I wasn’t expecting anyone for tea’ I thought as I opened the door.

And there they were my Maybelline products I had ordered and forgotten about it. I hurriedly, paid and took the poor things in while all the time my heart sang a happy song.
Sitting down to tea, I opened the package to reveal my glorious Colossal Liner which is much talked about and a nude lip colour from the colorsensation range.
The gorgeous liner, I had actually swatched a long time before and knew that it had incredible staying power. Even, cleaning with cleansing milk, the liner was still subtly visible on my hand even though the SA had rubbed it furiously.
So, I was very happy that it had arrived at my doorstep and that too at a bargain price of Rs 318 in place of its MRP of Rs 425(bought it on an online deal)
The lip shade was however never tested, and I bought this guessing the colour and the need of a nude colour in my collection. ‘Totally Toffee’ what a scrumptious name from the colorsensation range has the most incredible cookie smell making you want to almost eat it. 😜. It’s a gorgeous brown nude colour which can maybe work for you.
Well, in case the colour doesn’t work for me, I can always pass it to my mum.😎. But, I hope it does work, only if for the scrumptious cookie smell. Got this baby for a bargain price of Rs 281 against MRP of Rs 375( online deal).
Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases and can’t wait to try them.

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