Royal Blue for my eyes

Blue blue I’m so blue, not the mood blue :-P, but the gorgeous shade royal blue launched by Loreal as its Cannes 2015 edition.
I was pleasantly surprised and excited to get this colour as I was in the mood for some blues for summer. Ok it’s a real bad joke 😛
But the truth is its a lovely shade of blue with shimmers giving your eyes the attention they need and yet are not ostensious. The formula is same as the 24h gel eyeliner by Loreal, smooth and easily glides on the eyes.
Just a little wing and you are set for summer, or more as I should say monsoon as they are round the corner for parts of the country.
And I say so as Delhi, somehow always is bypassed by the monsoon so it’s forever summer and then we fall into winter. Nothing in between.
So, to beat away the summer/monsoon blues, try some royal blue from Loreal Gel Intenza 36H priced at Rs 875 (not happy about the price)

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