Read List #The Fault in our Stars

I just finished reading, The Fault in our Stars by John Green a much acclaimed book which although poignant was nothing according to me incredibly exceptional.
It revolves around cancer ridden individuals and their lives, struggle to live and leave a mark in the world, which I think we all strive for. Of course, it brings you front to the dark reality of having any disease and as you read are thankful for your healthy lives.
But, to the point it didn’t move me to any great heights. The tragedy you were aware from the first page and knew it would have people leaving for the heavenly abode nor are you surprised by their quest failing to provide them answers.
Finally their introspectional observation and understanding leads them to answers they seek and makes you realise that life is precious and every minute is to be cherished.
I would though recommend people to read it, as it would make everyone aware and appreciate life in an all new perspective.

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