Junk it – Eyeliner

Junk it Eyeliner
When, I had bought this lovely teal colour last year, I wasn’t expecting to be junking it so soon. “I hardly used it” were the thoughts running through my head. But there it was lying all dried up and the product splitting vertically into 2 pieces.
so, seriously disappointed with Loreal Gelmatic pen/pencil. Coming from Loreal, I did not expect this to happen but it did and there it was in my pile for junk it. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else as well?

Hmmm, moving on next is the define a line twist up pencil in raisin from Maybelline. I got this year’s back on my trip to Mumbai. It’s just old and now smells waxy, hence a bye bye to it.

Next, is again another product from Maybelline; my beloved gel eyeliner which I made a mess of trying to revive it from its dry shriveled form. It did not go successfully and as it is old, it’s time to say ta ta to it.

If you have discarded any makeup, I did love to hear about it.




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