Junk it – Lippies

Have you ever bought a lipstick which was just bad, I mean it feels waxy goes on streaky and overall just didn’t live up to what a lipstick does.
That’s why, my Marks & Spencers lipsticks are being junked(the messy lipsticks with the transparent cover). I had bought them on a business trip to Britain, but I was so sorry that I did cause they were just so horrid.
Also, junking the sample size gloss from Max factor. I was using this religiously till it got forgotten in a corner and now it just smells weird and has to go.
Ok, the next one was a freebie on purchase of Revlon products and was the crystal shine lipstick with lot of shimmers. And that was just what the problem was. Even though, it hadn’t gone bad the shimmers made it impossible to wear the lipstick. If you ate or drank with this on, it transferred like crazy and soon you would fund shimmers all around your mouth or face if you tried to wipe it. Just a nightmare and hence being junked.
Last, I actually bought the Elle 18 lipstick so that I could make a homemade colour lip balm. And, as I didn’t like what turned out or just thought it’s easier to buy it, I’m junking the half sawed lipstick. Just not impressed by Elle 18 range so no point in keeping it.

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