Shine like a diamond, my #Versace Bright Crystal

Honey, did you get any message or email’.


Me: ‘uhhh, no’ (with excitement) why what should I be expecting.


Hubby:’ nothing specific, I’ll catch you later’

And just like that the day before our anniversary, he leaves me in suspense. After an hour though, my phone blinged that an email had arrived.

And there behold in its content was that a Versace Bright Crsytal eau de perfume would be coming to me very soon.

You, did expect this to be a happy ending but no it was just a start to the waiting and anxiety as after almost 4 day’s another ominous mail arrived breaking my heart.

There has been a delay, and when the item would be in stock, it would be shipped out, so read the mail.

Now thoroughly disappointed I called the Customer Care and after talking to the manager finally got a response of apology along with a hand delivery promise of my Versace.

I am not sure if any one had to work this hard for their anniversary gift, but I sure had to.Pheww. And so it happened, that as a Crystal is a precious find, indeed so became my Versace Bright Crystal.

 A week late nevertheless, I was finally holding my Bright crystal in hand, a well deserved earned gift; so taken in with the pink bottle holding the precious elixir inside.

The giant crystal cap with the emblem of  Medusa in the Center just adds to the entire drama of the eau. It just adds a mystery of supernatural aura to the eau. It’s a beautiful bottle holding the precious elixir.

The fragrance is just beautiful, so subtly light teasing your senses and yet makes an impact. The
beautiful flowery fruity scent just invokes the goddess side of you.😉I now hold the crystal of ultimate power 😜 hehehe
So ladies if you ever need a little motivation to bring out the goddess in you, this gorgeous infusion of scented notes is a must to try. A small whiff of this eau will destroy any self doubt and invoke the strong confident true self of who you are.

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