#Gone Girl -The Book vs The Movie

Ok, best sellers and me are recently just no agreeing with each other. I just seem to have a bad streak with the best sellers, where I am still unsure as to why they are.
Another such woe for me is #Gone Girl, which I recently read. A sociopath – psychopath story of one individuals madness to twist, upturn, sabatoage and Conspiring against them is the general theme.
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Meet the complicated Amy Elliot and the so called goody adulterous Nick Elliot, the 2 main characters of this book and their inter twining complicated manupliative relationship. I just fail to see how any one can be so manupliative, this book actually reminded me of our saas bahu soap operas (sigh, our Indian soap operas are not that far fetched once you read this book).
I just found the twist of manupliative a little high fetched, although the mystery did leave me turning the pages to find out what had become of Amy Elliot. But as the book begins to reveal it all, I initially was thrilled by the brilliance of the story and slowly realised that it just was too many twist of manupliation resembling the daily Indian soap operas.
And that is why, I say my recent stints with bestsellers are just not working out. I at the end of the book was neither thrilled nor would exclaim what a brilliant book. But was just throughly questioning the entire complications of relationships, emotions, manupliations. ( trust, me when I say there is going to be an Indian version of a soap opera or movie very soon on this and that is not a good thing).
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Left with these utterly disappointed thoughts, soon enough I saw that The Movie was going to be featured on T.V. And thought ‘hmmmmm, I wonder how they have picturised this book’. Loosing the first 10-15 mins of the movie, I started watching the movie from where Nick was showing the Detective around the house. Another 5 mins down, and I was bored; the movie just didn’t seem to have a flow, the dialogues just seem flat and if anyone who had not watched the movie would definately be confused and just not follow as to what is going on.
In The book vs The Movie, the book would be a better to read rather than to watch the movie. As the movie is a bad adapted screenplay of the book and is just no fun to watch. You don’t feel the thrill or the urgency to find Amy Elliot. The mystery fails, the twist I’m not sure where it went and what was going on is what my husband finally asked as he couldn’t get the story from the way the movie was going on.
The end I would say read at your risk, you may love it and you would think I am wrong but that is just what is wonderful is that we don’t have to agree on everything and yet co exist with due regard for each other’s thoughts and opinions.

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