Makeup To #splurge or not to splurge

M.A.C. Ruby Woo, the ultimate lip shade which in the beauty world has been understood to be the “IT” item to have, to define who you are and to say that only by having it that you are someone who is accepted in terms of a so called uber world.
There are so many women who like me lust after it and some have given in to their rudimentary desire purchasing ‘Ruby Woo’ and writing about their experiences, excitement. I must say I am thankful to these women to share their experiences online as it gives you a general idea about the product and its performance.
While, from most of their writings, I got a sense of empowerment and a little bit of ‘saying I bought M.A.C. Ruby Woo and I can snobilly look at the world now that I have it’. Well, besides that a general opinion is that Ruby Woo is hard to apply due to a very waxy nature and dries your lips to hell. And yet scores of women have bought it knowing just that to only be counted in the general unspoken understood uber world.
Now, the topic here is not criticising the brand or the product but the mindset of us as women purchasing products just because they have an uber value, feel, presence. Ofcourse, even I do purchase certain items for the uber feel, value, quality; but for certain prices I draw the line and will not cross as they are just ridiculous.
No matter how much I want to buy a Rs2700-5000 eyeshadow, lip shade, foundation, I have stopped with better sense prevailing and questioned whether the product really would deliver what it claims or whether there is an alternative availble from a reliable brand at 1/4th the cost. Or would my brain just tell me that you just spent Rs 2700 on an eyeshadow palette and it will be great in quality, long lasting and just the best.
No, I don’t say that all cheap products are of good quality but a reliable brand (talking from a beauty related perspective in this context) would deliver about the same quality as a Rs2700 product.
And sometimes there comes a great disappointment with a Rs 2700 product which just fails to deliver its promises. How do I know, not from my experience but from the thousands of women sharing their truthful experiences online.
So, the question lies why do we spend on a lip shade or other beauty product which don’t deliver for a substantial price tag and shun others produced failing similarly at a lesser cost simply stating oh it’s cause of cheap quality. Has, not the higher range product failed in the same context as the lower cost product from reliable brands.
Does this mean, will I never splurge on some high end makeup, the answer yes I would but only making sure that I don’t cross my accepted defined limit of what is a reasonable spending on makeup and maybe only on few items. The rest I would say would always be a mix bag of makeup products for my boudoir from high end to as American define drugstore brands.

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