Monsoon-melt proof makeup

It’s wet, it’s humid, it’s monsoon where the sky is grey, the weather atleast in Delhi weird and where the makeup melts off/washes off.

It’s a tricky situation as to what you can do for your makeup in this wet humid weather. Well I just have little things that can make your makeup waterproof.

The way to go in the monsoons is to keep it simple, no foundations or powders which can turn streaky. Here, is what you can do:

Having a good base is important for a flawless look, but how do you achieve this in monsoon weather. Simple answer, try a primer it will just prolong the wear time, evens out your skin and minimises the pores. I usually use my Loreal primer and just apply my Maybelline BB cream on top of it. Try and get a tinted primer if possible as it helps to add a little more coverage along with the BB cream.

BB creams are the way to go in monsoon, evens out skin tone, gives you a fresh look and no fear of it streaking or melting out. I vouch by my Maybelline BB cream, it’s just suits me and does stay put for long hours, even in humid weather.

If you don’t have a primer at hand or don’t want to shell out for it then another way to go is the Lakme Illuminating cream mixed with your BB cream. This was just an accidental find on how to use the illuminating cream since using on its own was a disaster. Well, both the tubes (Lakme and Maybelline) were standing side by side in my vanity and I thought why not and mixed in two drops of the Lakme cream with my Maybelline BB cream and voila magic happend 😜. My face wa no longer sweaty and my BB cream just adhered well to the skin with no melting or streaking.

Any powder, or powder blush-bronzer-highlighter I just avoid. Again if you must use than use a cream based blush bronzer, but I wouldn’t advise piling up so much in the humid weather. I usually skip them in monsoon.


Ok, eyeshadow same problem can melt down, so primer underneath can help but what if you got wet in the rains wouldn’t it wash out. The truth being told, never experimented with eyeshadows in this weather so really can’t tell you if a powder eyeshadow will melt off. But, I never want to take such a risk and hence use a cream eyeshadow by giving my eyes a simple wash of colour. My preference is the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows in Bad to the Bronze/Bold gold, they really set to a flawless finish and don’t budge till you use a makeup remover to wipe them off.

Eyeliner, should be waterproof waterproof. Use a gel waterproof eyeliner, whether black or coloured ones just make sure they are waterproof, and smudge proof. It’s a neat trick for this weather to just ditch your eyeshadow all together and go be coloured waterproof eyeliners liquid, pencil, gel whatever your prefer. If I do use my Maybelline color tattoos, I use Loreal gel eyeliner (love this gel eyeliner, won’t budge until you use a makeup remover) in black or royal blue. If I want something different I simply line up with different colours from dark greens to blues which I know give my look a little more defination.

Kajal, again you guessed it waterproof, smudge proof are what you want so pick accordingly. My suggestion Lakme Absolute Kajal or Colorbar just smoky kajals. I’m not that much of a kajal wearer, do I don’t worry about smudging in this weather.

Or another way to keep it simple is just coat on your favourite waterproof mascara and your eyes are done. It’s amazing that such a simple thing can bring out the brightness of your eyes and give it that little extra.

All you need to glam up is a good lip balm, a tinted one and you can stop at that or if you want more, then matte lipsticks are the best. They are long lasting, stay put and just perfect for this weather, they give a defined clean look in this humid weather. My suggestions would be Loreal Moist Matte, Lakme 9 to 5 Mattes, Maybelline 24 hour Matte lip colours. 

Lip glosses, I’m not big fan off in monsoon, ofcourse that is my personal preference, but you can go ahead gloss it on if you want, just make sure that they are not all over the place. And oh a lip liner is  something you should use which can also double up as a lipstick.

There you have it, a complete guide to waterproof/humid proof makeup for the monsoons.




3 thoughts on “Monsoon-melt proof makeup

    1. Glad you liked the post.
      The lipstick shades are Loreal Moist matte in Lincoln Rose which stays decently for 6-7 hours (you can check other colours from this range on this link) ,Maybelline 14 hour lipstick in Continuous cranberry (you can read more on this range here , and Lakme 9 to 5 matte shade in Red chaos.
      And next to the Loreal gel eyeliner, is the Maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the bronze. ☺️ Cheers.

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