Review: Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks Eggplant & Java

Looking for a brown eyeshadow, I was sold over these cute single eyeshadows by Revlon which click on together and you could make your own customised palette. They were cute, very reasonably priced and could easily fit into your Handbags makeup pouch.
But alas, I found them to be quite contradictory in their performance and the cuteness was only beguiling in its look.
The 2 shades which I got are Eggplant and Java which I found to be rich in pigmentation when swatched though you need to really rub against the formulas. These are definately not very soft on touch and you need to swipe your brush twice to get the colours.
Out of the 2, Eggplant is deep matte purple shade which performs better in wear time in comparison to Java. It lasted on my crease for about 4 hours and with primer could do better. The formulation is a little powdery and not the smoothest or softest but for the price tag you can’t complain much.
Java, is a matte brown eyeshadow with gold shimmers in it which actually is the problem. The fallout of the shimmer is all over and if it gets on your cheeks then good luck in getting it out. Nor does this shade even last an hour on your eyes which is such a shame as it looks so lovely in the packaging. I was really disappointed with it and thought that even though this is a budget friendly on your pocket, it should atleast be worth purchasing.
The shadowlinks from Revlon are a hit and miss where some shades outperform others which you can only find out by buying and seeing what works for you.
What I like about them
  • Cute, convenient, snap shut packaging
  • You can make your own customised palette
  • Easy availability of the shadowlinks
  • They are easily blend able
What I don’t like about them
  • Formulation varies across the shadowlinks
  • Wear time is average to zero with some shades not even sticking for 1/2 an hour
  • Some of them are powdery and hard in texture

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