Festive times

The time for festivals has arrived with them lining up one after the other giving little space to breathe, But a whole lot of fun, a time to greet and wish family and friends; a time to recognise and thank for what we have and pray that we continue and grow in the journey of life.
If this is too philosophical, then I would have to say but that is what the festivals are to remind us of. Well, let’s not get into that but only let me show you how the festivals so far have gone starting with Rakshabandhan (festival of celebrating the bond between a brother and sister), where even I get to wear a Rakhi Kalaiva dangling preciously on my wrist for the day.

The day started with catch up with family and ended with a lovely coffee and subway salad. A great way to end the day after all the rich food in the morning.
Next, came around the corner was Janmasthmi (celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday) and the delight from visiting an Indian sweet shop to get the scrumptious treats for celebrating and offering to the Lord at home. How, I wish I could buy it all, but not realistically possible, but just look at some of the sweets they are so pretty that it would be a shame to eat them.
Can you believe these roses are made of sweets, aren’t they just beautiful. I don’t think I could ever eat them as they are so pretty. There are just rows and rows of sweets on display, to entice every gastronomical palette.
While waiting for our order to be packed, we grabbed a quick brunch of the traditional Puri bhaji (fried bread and spiced potatoes) with my husband adding in a lassi as it was a pretty hot day.
And finally, the Lord Ganesha arrived in his glory for the 11 day Ganesh utsov which is yet to end for some. I have lovingly bought home and bid him goodbye as I only keep Ganpati for 1 1/2 days. Here are Some of the variety of Lord Ganesha in all his colours and glory available this year. Check out the big one with the plastic still wrapped around the head as they still had finishing touches to be done for it.
And finally Lord Ganesha at home.May Lord Ganesha bless one and all.

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