Dreamcatcher- catch my wild dreams

Dreamcatcher the name itself asks you to pay attention and be interested. And if that does not intrigue you then look at the colours and the pattern embossed on these eyeshadows. They call for, “Hey you, pay attention now, cause you ain’t seen nothin like me” 😛
Ok ok, carried it off too far but this is the Dreamcatcher palette from Freedom Makeup London which is a sister company of Makeup London Revolution is atleast for me a palette which can help you create bold, natural or smoky looks from it. Whether it is for day, night,casual,party… I think this palette is quite versatile and would help you create any look you want.
The eyeshadows although do come in a simple plastic palette with no mirror and a simple sponge applicator. I wouldn’t travel with this palette anywhere as it seems that the eyeshadows could come undone if shakes around. Also, the eyeshadows have no name while I believe the makeup revolution London do name their eyeshadows. Very unimaginative Freedom Makeup London, it would have added to the entire intrigue of the palette.
Nevertheless, these are gorgeous colours and I’m just not ready to spoil the beautiful embossed pattern on them; they so look so pretty. Well, time will tell how they fare as I’ll soon start playing with them, and with Navratri-Diwali around the corner, it would be perfect to create some festive looks.


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