DIY – Make your own customised lipstick

Although, I have seen many tutorials on creating lip balms and customised lip shades, I was skeptical in trying it out, as my last experiment in creating lip balm was not successful. Nor did I want to dissect any my lipsticks to create a new lip shade as I find my bullet lipsticks a lot more convenient than those in small jars.

And, yet curiosity got the better of me and with 2 of my Revlon lip shades expired and gone bad, I decided to use them purely for experimental purposes. Using 2 n**e shades, one being blush a n**e brown pin I and another peach a n**e peach, I cut them at the base scoping whatever was there in the tube into a microwaveable plastic.

I then put it on high power and microwaved for a minute, with stirring the lipsticks with a toothpick in between. Taking an empty lip balm jar, I quickly poured the new lip shade into it as it cools real fast and sets in the plastic container. The result is a new lip shade which was pink with peach undertones.

DIY customised lipstick shade
But be warned that a lot of product gets wasted when transferring as it sets quickly as scrapping is just impossible. So for 2 lipsticks in total 8 gms, I ended up getting around only 4 gms of new lip shade. So those brave enough to saw their brand new or existing lipsticks can go ahead and try creating a customised lip shade, but for me I think I have had enough of experimenting, and I’ll just use a lip brush when i want to mix 2 shades from the entact lipstick in a lipstick tube and apply it on. More simple and no experiment.




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