Freedom Professional London Pro12 Dreamcatcher eyeshadow palette Update

I was super excited to get this palette when I saw it on Jabong and had written a first impression which you can check here. Playing around with this palette, I have found it to be a versatile where you can create day looks, summer looks, smoky looks, night looks…

Dreamcatcher palette
Initially when I started using this palette, I found the top layers a little dry and difficult to pick the colours on my brush. Especially with the embossed pattern on top, but as my brush scrubbed off the pattern, I found the formulation soft and creamy.
Quality wise these are really good, once you move below the top layer; they are no where near chalky or powdery. They blend easily and you don’t need to dip your brush a lot to pick the products. The pigmentation is commendable and you won’t be disappointed with the colour payoff on your lids.

Personally, I think that this palette is a gem to have and carry when travelling as you can do a lot of looks from it, not to mention the size is perfect for carrying it. While it comes to the shade finishes these are metallic with very little fallout as they are soft.

What I think lacking is the need of matte shades for transition, but overall even without one you can do a simple day look so it is not a major peeve for me. But what would have a real good addition would have been a mirror and a double ended brush.

Dreamcatcher palette
The double ended sponge applicator, I found just useless and I personally always prefer brushes so I might be bias in that regard.(The brush in the pics is something that I keep in the palette for ease of use, and this does not come with the palette) And of course the shades have no names or numbering, which makes it a little plain, there is no mystery to it. (I hope you know what I mean)

Well, overall I’m happy to have this lovely in my kitty and would recommend it to anyone who wants a palette with versatile colours. It has pink, purple, lilac, blue for summers; deep green, plum, bronze, black for night/winter; soft yellow gold, soft brown beige, soft brown rose and soft rose for day or to combine with any looks.

As you can see the shades can categorised (my preference) or just played up as you wish for your customised look. These retail for Rs1200, but are always available on discount from Jabong and Flipkart.

Dreamcatcher swatches

Dreamcatcher swatches

Dreamcatcher swatches

Dreamcatcher swatches

What I like about them:
-Versatile colours
-Soft creamy formulation
-Easily blend able
-Good pigmentation

What I don’t like about them:
-No mirror
-Double ended sponge applicator




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