What’s in my makeup bag

So, I don’t think there is any women who goes out without some kind of makeup items in their purse. And, I’m just one of them who carriers basic items as well giving the idea to this post “What’s in my Makeup Pouch?”

So, let’s get started; my Makeup pouch is a slim rectangular red pouch with detailing pattern in the middle; just so cute and the perfect size in which you can fit a lot into and yet doesn’t take up space in your hand bag. I actually got this as a gift on my purchase from Revlon some years ago and have been using it ever since.


The first item in my makeup bag is a Maybelline compact in the shade she’ll. I usually alternate between this for everyday wear and my Lakme Absolute Dry & Wet compact in the shade Light medium for special occasions or when I need a more coverage. Both of these are excellent compacts to have and I just love them

Next item is a Lotus color kick kajal which I keep for emergency touch up to my eyeliner if required or to touch up my lower lash line. I’m not a Kajal person and you won’t see me wearing it often but it’s great to have in your bag for touch ups. But in short this is a great kajal, long lasting and creamy to apply.

I also keep a Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki brush for compacts and blushes in case I decide to carry any that day. As it is retractable, its perfect to carry in your bag without fear of damage. Along with this I have a foldable lip brush, which again is safe from damage as it twists up into a thin packaging.


Lipstick/Lip gloss would be the colour I wearing that particular day and that changes every time I go out. Blush again I rarely carry in my bag and it just my end up in there in case there is some event where I think I would need to touch up.

A lip liner is also a must for touch ups and I keep a neutral shade close to my lip colours which saves the hassle of carrying different lip liner shades. I found the perfect neutral shade in Lakme 9 to 5 lip liner in the shade Brick Rose which according to me is a must have.

I also have a small hand sanitizer, just cause it’s good to have on in your bag along with a small Vaseline germ guard for Moisturizing my hand or face. For my lips, I carry a separate lip balm and my current favourite being the Lotus herbals lip balms in a small tub. Flavours of my lip balms keep changing depending on what I get in the market when I go out to buy one when I finish the lip tub I’m using.

I also keep a post it and a pen to scribble or jot down things, along with a comb, ear buds for correction and maybe hairpins, and tie for my hair.


And there you have it, my makeup bag with a few non makeup items but just perfect to store them in one place. What do you carry in your makeup bag, would love to hear about it.




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