Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti Aging Night Creme

Just as winter was starting my skin was crying out for more moisturization. My then current Lotus Herbals Whitening & Brightening creme was not enough; and as it was almost over I decided to survey and get my self some new face moisturizer.

Soon, enough after reading other recommendations, I decided to try the Lotus Herbals new anti aging creams and bought the night creme as well as the day transforming creme. Now, considering I trashed my Day transforming creme bottle before taking the pics, I am only going to give a small brief on it at the end.

Lotus herbals YouthRx

When I bought this duo creams, I was excited and intrigued as I have never tried an anti aging cream before this. My expectations were high after reading the many reviews not to mention the claims by the company of visibly reducing fine lines, open pores, wrinkles, providing moisturization, removing age spots, pigmentation and overall giving you a glow and enhancing the skin.

And that is what is just disappointing is that if a cream is to reduce pigmentation and all, how is it that my face became dark and dry because of it. I didn’t realize it until after using it religiously for almost 2 months that my face had become dark,  and still was not getting enough moisturization, the result of which was that I had to use another cream on top of it to hydrate my skin.

Lotus herbals YouthRx

When I noticed my skin darkening due to this cream, I stopped the top up cream and only used the Lotus anti aging cream thinking maybe the additional cream caused darkening. This realisation was of course a month ago and I still used these creams on their own but to no improvement.

So in short, the Lotus Herbals anti aging YouthRx was an epic fail for me, as my skin just got dark from it rather than lightening it. I am just confused as to how an anti aging cream could make you dark rather than do the opposite of its claim of  reducing pigmentation issues if you have any, and not give you enough moisturization.

Lotus herbals YouthRx

For all the reviews, of this being a great cream, I would say that I disagree based on my experience with  it and not to mention that the Day transforming cream actually caused my pores to clog, and I had these tiny bumps on my chin as a result of it. How, can I be sure of this; well as I soon as I stopped using these creams, my face automatically lightened and the bumps on my chin disappeared.

Lotus herbals YouthRx

As to its claims of reducing fine lines, pores and wrinkles, I can’t comment on it as I don’t have any yet by the grace of God and can only say that anyone trying out this cream just keep a watch on how your skin behaves and what didn’t work for me may work for you. But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend the whole Lotus Herbals YouthRx anti aging range to any one.

Lotus herbals YouthRx




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