Faces Glam on Perfect Blush- Hot Pink

Dont you just love a flush of rosy pink on your cheeks in winter? Well, that was what made me buy the Faces blush in Hot Pink.

Looking for that flush of rosy pink, I ventured to buy this blush, happy that I would get just the colour I was looking for.

Faces blush

Reasonably priced at Rs 499, the Faces Blush come in a simple transparent package with no brush or mirror. Nothing to glamorous about the plastic packaging which is just enough to hold the product but not very reliable.

Faces blush

I have accidentally dropped the blush and the base which holds the blush has come apart from the outer packaging. Luckily, the blush did not break apart into powder and was still intact so horray for that.

Faces blush

The blush simply rather than being a hot pink is a rosy pink to me with shimmers which in no way are overpowering but give a nice dewy look.

Faces blush

The formulation makes it easy to blend and you don’t need a lot to get that flush on your cheeks. There is no fallout from the shimmers and overall a single swipe of your brush gets enough product on it for use.

Faces blush

Lasting power of the blush could have been better though. The blush lasts only 4 hours on me before it starts to fade. I’m disappointed with the staying power and wish it performed better in that regards. Luckily, it fades out evenly and you might still see a light stain on your cheeks.

Faces blush

Faces blush

Faces blush

In the end I don’t love nor hate this blush and I’m kind of split in recommending  to get it or skipping it.




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