Street wear Color Rich Perfection Foundation

Alright I had promised myself a foundation ban, but when I spotted this cutie sitting in the corner of the shop, I couldn’t resist the curiosity and bought it.

I mean look at the packaging, it just reminded me of the Archie comics and honestly I love the revamped packaging by Streetwear. It just now calls your name and makes you turn and look at them.

Well enough said, let’s just get on with why I think this is a good winter foundation. The packaging is a glass bottle, with a retro print and no pump. So you have to be careful when you remove the product for use. But it isn’t nothing which cannot be managed if you are careful enough.

SW foundation 1


SW foundation 2

This foundation is a water based which is ever so light and very easily blend able and build able. For price tag of Rs 185 you get 30ml of product which I think is a good amount of quantity. The formulation as it is water based won’t clog pores and your skin can easily breathe; but having said that, this I prefer to only wear in winters as it comes off easily with water and as you know summers are just harsh;this foundation won’t be sticking around, even if you set it with powder (in summers)

I have loved wearing it in winter setting it with a little powder as it just gave me that extra moisture I needed. I have comfortably worn this for 4 hours on my normal to dry skin without any issues. It’s so easy to work with and gives medium to full coverage. The best way to work with this would be a sponge and stippling motion, as I noted it covered  spots easily, using this technique.

The shade options are of course limited to 3 shades but if you match it out, you would be really happy with it. The shade Beige with yellow under tones is a perfect colour for my fair to medium skin tone.

SW foundation 3

Of Course come summers this foundation would be going in storage, as I don’t think it would last long in the summer heat. Nevertheless, it’s a great option to check out if you are on a budget, or use it in winters like I do.

SW foundation 4

SW foundation 5


Blended foundation, you can't see the green nerves on my wrist any longer which other wise are visible.
Blended foundation; you can’t see the green nerves on my wrist any longer which other wise are visible.





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