Maybelline Superfresh Compact

It’s been the worst 2 weeks with everyone taking turns to be ill, especially the little one. It’s always feels the worst when the little one is ill, but now that we are all recovering, I finally decided to write about my beloved compact powder.

In all honesty, I have used compact powders but never loved any one of them as much as I love the Maybelline Superfresh Compact. I have found it quite an exceptional product in comparison to their previous ones.

This lovely compact comes in a round white casing which is not exactly damage proof considering I have dropped it and nicked a corner of it. But luckily the product stayed intact and it did not shatter into powder. It’s simple and convenient packaging which you can drop into your bag and not worry about it.


It also has a mirror and a one sided cotton puff which I prefer so much more than a sponge applicator. So overall it has what a basic compact needs to have. The formulation is smooth without being powdery and glides on easily. It does add a little bit of a glow to your face which isn’t too balantly noticeable, and overall does a decent job of staying put for 5 hours or so.

Come summer and I guess I’ll test it then to see how long it lasts but I’m guessing it will still give decent coverage  and longevity. Also, Maybelline have given the current compact this lovely floral scent which I really love as it isn’t over bearing and just freshness you up.


The shade selection is limited to Pearl, Shell(which I’m using), and Coral. So you would need to choose and find a fit in these 3 shades. But priced at Rs 150, I don’t think it is something really to complain about.

Maybelline also claims to have UV filter in the compact but doesn’t specify as to what is the level; so yay as I can’t wear sunscreens or blocks on their own as I am allergic. However, when it’s with foundations or compacts somehow my skin doesn’t react and I can have some sun protection on my skin.


I do recommend this compact and considering this is one of the best compacts from Maybelline, trying it is just worth it.










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