Faces Canada Makeup Wedges

Makeup sponges have always been a thing that I have passed up on. I never liked their texture and feel against my skin and mostly because I’m makeup brush kind of gal, I never really used them much. This however, has not changed much, but I wanted to try them again especially for my Streetwear foundation reviewed here.

For this entire experiment I really didn’t want to spend much and gladly bought the makeup wedges from Faces Cosmetics a Canadian cosmetic company. This is made of natural latex, which I’m not sure is what an ideal sponge should have or not. If someone would let me know what material a good makeup sponge should be, it would be most appreciated.


It is also claimed to be oil resistant and washable, with ease of use. All that said, I would say for a novice makeup sponge user, I really am enjoying using this for my water based foundations. I think it has been great as it gives a flawless finish to my face. It has been easy to use and for some reason, I always use the wedge side to stipple in my foundation.




The pores on these wedges are somewhat a little too porous making the sponge soak up quite a considerable amount of the foundation. As to exactly how much I wish could better define it but as this a sponge I have used after a very long time, I’m still comparing it to a my makeup brush and consider it a lot.

The life span of these wedges is also short lived; if you are a regular makeup sponge user, than these would only give you atleast a month use out of them, as these deteriorate fast with the sponge crumbling and the pores loosening on them.




As, I’m not a regular user of sponges, I’m fine with them deteriorating fast as I use them very randomly. Once they deteriorate, I throw it off and tear another wedge from the wheel. I do tend to throw mine sooner, as I wash them after every use causing much faster deterioration.


So overall for a novice makeup sponge user like me these are great to get the hang of a sponge and the same would hold true for any makeup novice who is just getting into makeup and wants to experiment with makeup sponges. I haven’t tried using the wedge with concealer or powders so can’t comment on it ( prefer my finger for concealers and RT brush for powders).



I did only say this a product is an ok product it really worth getting into for experts but novices will love using and learning from this. The plus side is that it does give a flawless finish which in the end is why I do love (let’s see how long does this love affair last 😜).






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