My #Kyliejenner lips

As I close my eyes, sleep finally creeping in, the middle of the night a scream puts my husband on alert.

Oh wait I’m the one screaming barely Audible mumbles in pain.

“What happened”  – husband

“mummmpmmummph” – Me

“What” – Husband

“The baby head butted me directly on the lips”– Me.

“Oh is that all” – Husband

(Me thinking what here I’m squirming in pain and he says is that all, ok I’m putting a hex on him)

“I need Ice” – I finally manage to say out.

15 minutes later, I again settle in to sleep being this time a little more wary of my toddler and her position on bed. ( And the baby was fine in all of this and laughing thinking mummy is just so crazy)

The morning arrives with my little one pushing and crying about milk. Handing her a bottle, I make my way to the bathroom.

Oddly, my lips are tingling and I check the mirror to see my face and OMG my lips were plumped up depicting the famous #Kylielips.
And then ooowwwww, they hurt and are actually still swollen from last nights hit.

Applying Ice after a little while, I still had a pout to flaunt which hurt even if you sipped on water. And to think women put themselves under the needle paying good amount of money which I just got for free. Tsk tsk 😂. Seriously, ladies please try a direct head butt to your lips, the result are the same swollen painful lips which each time hurt if you move to drink, eat, smile or even talk. 👍🏻

Now, considering I have pretty full lips which I never thought or wished to change, this surprise gift of a pout was just too much and it actually made me wonder why millions women go under needle for such things which in the end are downright painful and uncomfortable.

In the end, I don’t feel like applying any lip shade on my lips to flaunt them and I just want my normal lips back. Luckily, the swelling will go down and I should be back to normal soon enough unlike some unfortunate ones who will end up with duck lips which could never be undone.

Signing off today with my #kyliejenner lips (sigh, they still hurt), have a great day ahead.



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