We have to part – Za Perfect fit liquid foundation



So the story goes, girl meets boy, falls in love, finds out boy was not perfect for her and she breaks up with him. Her heart is lost, broken and she doesnt know if she can love again. Does this story sound familiar when you get a new foundation which just doesnt work for you.

Well, unfortunately this is what happened to me with the Za Perfect fit liquid foundation. This wonderful foundation was my birthday gift last year and since then I have just worn it twice. Now, for those who don’t know, Za is a subsidiary of Shiseido and their products are developed Shiseido labs but at more affordable prices.


Knowing this I was very happy to get the perfect fit foundation a water based formula with SPF 17. It also includes Hyaluronic acid which means it will moisturize making it a great product for dry skin gals. The packaging is a rose gold bottle with a very subtle pink gold cap, making it safe and versatile to carry it in your bags. The mouth of the bottle has a nozzle which makes it perfect to pour out the foundation. The nozzle provides a good control to dispense the product as it is more liquid than other non water based foundations.



Before using this foundation you need to shake it like with any other foundation and pour out the required amount. I have used my fingers and a stippling brush to spread and blend the foundation which easily melts into your skin. As it is a water based the coverage it pretty sheer even if you layer it and you would need heavy-duty concealer to cover up any problem areas.


As the foundation has micro pearls, the initial application you see a white cast which is more obvious on my yellow skin tone. It diminishes a little yet, I still saw a light residue of the white cast  which I cancelled out with a matte powder.



Well, everything was going great in this love story and then the unthinkable happened, the morning after wearing this foundation my face had clogged pores which was absurd as the product clearly states it doesnt clog pores.

So I waited a week for my pores to clear up and I tried it again and this time it was worst; I had breakouts on my face courtesy of the foundation which took me almost 2 weeks to get rid of but of course now I have the marks to clear up which is going to be a slow and dedicated process.


Now, I know so many women who have used this foundation without any breakouts and I have to be the one person who got an allergic response to the foundation. It’s like a real bad love story, I’m in love and the love is never reciprocated back.


So in the end I have to say that Za perfect fit (you are not my perfect fit, sob) and we have to part. As to wear time, I wore it in winters for only 3-4 hours with no issues but as mine was a very short affair, I can’t comment, as it just wouldn’t be fair.



This lovely thing retails for Rs 700 for 30ml and I have decided to sell this to anyone for Rs 500, considering I have used it twice and swatched it once for this post. So if any is interested kindly let me know.  Or I’m just stuck with a perfectly good foundation that I can’t wear. And the shade is OC10 which is for fair to medium with yellow skin tones.




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