A Pink Alert has been issued-Maybelline

When I got this lip shade, I had a love hate relationship with it. I was considerably tanned 6 months ago and this bright colour washed me out.

So I stashed it away and forgot all about it, till rummaging through my collection. Curiously, I swatched it on my hand to remind why I didn’t give it any love but instead I fell head over heals over this lovely bright coral pink.


And so I got it out and have been wearing it at every opportunity that I get. Maybelline had launched the Pink Alert lip collection, last year with 4 pink shades, 2 being blue based and 2 being warm shade pinks.

I remember falling instantly for shade POW4(POW supposedly stands for Power), as it was something I didn’t have in my collection. Their lip shades are named from POW1 to 4.


POW 4 is a very bright warm coral pink shade, some saying almost neon in the pink alert collection. This would suit fair to medium skin tones as the warmness would wash out darker tones. If it is washing you out, then try to use a lip brush to give a brush of colour on your lips. It will solve out the problem.


The packaging is a simple pink capsule which I really like with your click in place cap. Formulation, of the lipstick is absolute creamy and easy to apply. There is no drag and you get opaque lips in one go.


It’s comfortable to wear and I didn’t find it leaking out of the lips. Of Course, as it is a creamy formula, it transfers slot and dose’nt survive any meals or drinks, though I found there was a light stain on my lips after meals.




Without, any meals or drinks I found it to last 5 hours with it settling into a little matte finish, with a still opaque colour. Well, despite of its little short falls, I still love this colour and advise a must have for summer.




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