Makeup-skincare haul

No wifi, no mobile and it makes you realize how connected we are with the Internet and apps, and its use in our everyday life. Well after being disconnected for so long I’m back with a haul post.

Now, this in no ways is trying to show off and let me clearly state that I have bought all of these things with my own money over span of a years time. These were never bought in one go and have been from local markets, and online shopping sites such as Flipkart and Nykaa.

I have been using these items on and off and am yet to form a view on them. Once, I finally am happy with them, I’ll share my reviews on them.


In no particular order, I’m just simply listing them out:

  • Makeup Revou,tin London Salvation palette Girl Panic (Flipkart)
  • Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Duke Blue (Local market; heard good things about it)
  • Loreal True match BB cream Gold (Local market)
  • Biotique Bio coconut whitening and brightening cream (local market)
  • Biotique Bio sandalwood UVA/UVB sunscreen spf50 (local market)
  • Glam secrets Blueberry acetone free nail polish remover (Flipkart)
  • Maybelline 14hr Superstay lipstick Infinintely Fushica and Stay wine coral (bought on discount Flipkart)
  • Colorbar Kiss proof lip stain Haute Latte (Local market)
  • Loreal Paris Collection Star by Li Bingbing Pure Fire (Nykaa)
  • Loreal Paris Caresse lip colour Dating Coral (Got this free on Pure Fire, Nykaa)
  • Gala of London liquid eyeliner Brownish Black (Nykaa, used this when I was in college, saw it online and ordered it)
  • Vega eyeliner brush (the underdog eyeliner brush, Nykaa)
  • Maybelline Super stay Gel nail colour Uptown blue (Local market)
  • Steel Paris Nail polish remover wipes in the cute apple bitten container ( the packaging was so cute, couldn’t resist buying it, Local market)

So keep look out for the product reviews. With hopefully no more outages, I’ll be back posting soon. šŸ˜Š





7 thoughts on “Makeup-skincare haul

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