Gala of London Brownish black eyeliner

I have been looking for this eyeliner everywhere and when I spotted it online, I was so excited.
Before I know it I added it to the other items in my bag and clicked checkout.

The Gala of London Brownish black eyeliner brings back memories from my college days when brown eyeliners were just easily available. Even Maybelline only had a black eyeliner back then.

I used this colour more in the summers as I wanted a more soft defined look. And if you ask how did you know it was safe to use; simply because my elder sister used it before me and I always saw it at home in her vanity.


I usually don’t easily venture in unknown brands for the simple reason that you don’t know if they have used good enough ingredients and are safe. But with this eyeliner, having it seen around at home and being used by my sister and her friends, I didn’t have to worry.

The interesting thing about this eyeliner is that is a brownish black colour which is perfect for Indian skin tone or basically medium yellow or olive skin toned gals, because it shows up on your eyelids.

The basic brown eyeliner, I have noticed simply disappear on your eyes, but this colour just gives that definition without being too obvious. And also it sets into a matte finish, with a single swipe giving you opaque colour.


The packaging is a simple sturdy glass bottle with a plastic black cap and a paper cover. Nothing exciting and the black cap has replaced the old golden cap. The bottle is sturdy and you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. The cap which came with however damaged and has a crack in it which I haven’t seen happen before. Nevertheless, the product was intact and nothing had spilled.

You get 8gms of net product for the very affordable price of Rs 70. The formulation of the product is neither too runny or thick. It’s just perfect consistency for me to work with a thin brush, making it very easy to get very close to the lash line.

The brush is pretty thin, but I didn’t find any difficulty in using it. Now, this in no way is a waterproof but a water-resistant formula. It isn’t written on the packaging, but I have used it before so I know from simple experience. It doesn’t smudge (as long as you don’t rub your eyes) and sets quickly to a matte finish, which lasts all day for me without losing intensity.


I love that it is so easy to wash it out at night without using any makeup remover. Easy to use, affordable and a very decent formula, makes this eyeliner a winner in my books. This is just one of those unsung products which get overlooked.


So if you can get your hands on it, you should try it out. It’s a great product and one I personally love and highly recommended it.




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