Vega Eyeliner Brush

When I saw this lying in my brushes, I honestly had forgotten that I even had it. Considering I never used it before, I was actually going to chuck it out till I decided to try it out. And oh my god, it literally changed my misconception about it.

I thought that a Vega eyeliner brush, is just not going to be helpful in applying eyeliner, but when I used it the first time, I was completely sold. I have so far only used the eyeliner brush which comes with the gel eyeliner you buy, so for me to try another eyeliner brush was something new.


The Vega eyeliner brush was just great in picking up the product and applied very smoothly onto the eyelids. It just gave me a good control, picked just the right amount and had soft yet thick enough bristles to draw a line and to wing it out.

I actually found it easier to wing it with this brush than with the brush that is provided with the gel eyeliner. Now, as I got hooked onto this, I simply had to have a back up and purchased another one from recently. I got this for only 70Rs.

1st brush with gel eyeliner on it takes shape to draw a line
1st brush with gel eyeliner on it takes shape to draw a line

When that brush arrived, (click here to see the haul for it) I did notice that the consistency of the bristles and size was not the same (maybe they changed it). This seemed to me had more longer bristles than the one I already owed and was overall a littler shorter than the first one. If you notice the bristles on my first brush are a little dense and seem to be all over the place but once you have the product on it, it takes a nice defined shape and is easy to apply with.




Quality wise the bristles are soft and don’t scratch your eyes, or give a streaky application. It’s easy to apply a thin line in your inner corners as well with this. The handle are simple wood with synthetic bristles, so nothing to fancy and yet I like the simple classics look of the brush.

The second brush even though has a little longer bristles still does a good job in applying my gel eyeliner. (I use it with my Loreal gel eyeliner in black and sapphire blue). So far they have been easy to wash without any shedding (I wash them after every use) and just have been a great discovery for me.(Some pics of how the eyeliner looks on the eye applied with the brush)








I think this brush just is a hidden gem which might get overlooked now and then, but it is so worth the look at a such an affordable price.




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