Garnier Frutuis Triple Action Streghtening shampoo-Update

This is my update on the Garnier Frutuis Triple Action Streghtening shampoo with the goodness of 3 oils. Click here to see previous post. When I got this shampoo and conditioner I was pretty excited to try it out for the simple reason it claimed to save you the time from oiling and then washing your hair by infusing the goodness of the oils in the shampoo itself. Click here for original post

With such a promise I tried this shampoo 3-4 times, but each time I used it my hair even though the frizz was under control had this weird weighed down semi frizzy texture. They were not smooth or silky nor were they frizzy.

In the end my hair was somewhere between the 2 textures and I did not like it at all. The 3-4 times I tried it out were in the hope that my hair would gradually smooth out, but they didn’t and in the end I just had this weird heavy somewhat frizzy hair. Ok, my hair was feeling and somewhat looking like some monster university (Cute animation film, you should see it) – monsters hair.

I was so sad that this product didn’t work for me ( it would have been a time saver) and I just was not happy at the outcome after each wash. Hence, ladies I wouldn’t recommend this personally but what didn’t work for me, may work for you. But seriously if you have combination hair like me – oily scalp, dry hair, stay away from this product, the rest should be fine in using it.




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