Steel Paris nail polish remover wipes

When I spotted this, I instantly fell in love with the cute packaging. Speaking with the SA of the local shop, she informed me they were nail polish wipes completely safe and acetone free.

As I couldn’t resist, I went ahead and purchased it for the simple price of Rs30 (click here for the haul in which it is featured).


Now, as per the SA the 1 wipe was enough to cover both your hands without leaving any stick feeling. I was however sceptical but was still willing to give it a try.


The wipes come in a pack of 32 pcs, which I thought even if I needed more than 1 wipe would be enough for a couple of use. Now, I tested this on removing Blue nail polish which I was wearing and boy was I surprised. It took a little bit of rubbing tha your normal acetone remover but surprisingly one side removed blue nail polish from both my feet and the other side was sufficient to remove a light shade from both my hands.


As it took only 1 wipe to completely get rid of the nail polish, I was amazed and happy at this new find. This of course feels a little oily when I was using it as I was used to the acetone remover but it dissipated after a few minutes with leaving no residue on your nails and a pleasant fragrance which And best of all no reactions to my nails.


Also, it is so travel friendly to just be able to pop it in your purse and have it easily available for any nail polish emergency. Plus just look at the packaging. And do ignore the back as you can the company dose’nt have the best description but the product is worth while.





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